Portland Info

The Portland City Council is poised to approve the addition of fluoridation chemicals to Portland’s pristine Bull Run water.

A majority of the council members have publicly stated that they will vote to approve fluoridation, and the council vote will take place on September 12th.

Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (OCSDW) has officially filed a ballot initiative to bring the issue of fluoridation to a public vote.

Clean Water Portland is an offshoot of OCSDW that formed to fight the addition of fluoridation chemicals into Portland’s drinking water. Clean Water Portland is spearheading signature gathering to put the issue on the ballot, as well as serving as a hub for sharing the latest updates on protests, volunteer opportunities and testimony at the public hearing on September 6th.

If you want to fight fluoridation, go to www.cleanwaterportland.org and get involved. Whether you want to sign the initiative, gather signatures, help spread the word through social media, go to a protest, offer your special skills, or just stay up to date on campaign progress, www.cleanwaterportland.org will provide what you need. Thank you for your interest, now please get involved!